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A New Flame by WriterDragon A New Flame :iconwriterdragon:WriterDragon 31 29
For Other's
BAD! Badbadbadbadbadbad this is VERY. BAD. This is probably the worst idea i've had yet!
A young mare that was colored in hues of a softer turquoise and patches of light rosie pink; covered in a large brimmed hat, fashioned with a somewhat large bow, a over coat along her body with a fluffy accents and what one may call boots reaching up almost half way up her legs. It was colored in a dusty cream along with a soft light pink, and a touch of burgundy too; not to mention the consent theme of stitching all over her clothes...Is not only shifting about in the shadows in her native city, trying to stay out of sight of just about everypony, but trying to do so when it's probably it's fullest and busiest time yet.
A light colored mouse pokes his little head out from under the mare's hat, whispering in her ear. "So...Why are we sneaking around, more then usual at least?" he spoke softly. He knew that she was pretty much a wanted criminal in this city by the guards, but
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Adventures Every Day
"BLOODY HELL!" was practically screamed out from a greatly angered and frustrated female that rang out clearly, with the company of a LOUD slamming noise by bursting threw the front, mind you very old, wooden door.
A worn out, exhausted and clearly angry mare stood in the entrance of a old, mostly rickety house but which actually resembles more towards a shack. Odette was this fine angry mare standing in the doorway, and also the owner of this oh so regal home of hers as well, much to her joy; she kept her vexed expression as she entered her home, slamming the door behind her with a swift kick of the back leg and flung her bundle of goods she managed to collect, over the past few months.
With a subtle soft pink light emitting from her horn, she proceed to levitate her grubby and mucky clothes, she never got the chance to actually wash them while away. Odette rubbed her face but continued her work despite being fairly exhausted she continued her work like she was unceasing; sh
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A Hard Day
It was a calming day, the breeze was subtle enough to bring a welcome breath of freshness on this warm day; the sun bathed the surface in it's embrace and slowly throughout the day, it descended in horizon to make way for the soft moon, to let the land relax and go into it's deep slumber for the quiet night. As the land was engulfed in the night, a young maiden was dragging her feet almost back to her home after a long day's work, her body almost seem to be made of heavy boulders as she tugged her feet along the ground to make it home. The young maiden wobbled towards her shack of a home, it wasn't great but not horrible either and she then proceeded too slam into the door, lazily grabbing the handle with a slow turn and inched forward with the door, taking a few steps again and closing creaky old door behind her; she yawned greatly, take in a few more steps until slumping down onto her knees, she looked at her simple home which seems smaller every time she returns. She took a look at
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Many Scars
A world where every creature seemed to be depicted into titles of grand stature, judged on their bloodline and treated on actions of worth. Here, in this cold cruel land of Arienden, you are either a person of valued worth; bathed in riches of gold, jewels, wearing fabric of highest quality and earned high titles like aristocracy, nobles or even royal blood like mighty kings. Or you are a person worth nothing but common dirt, where you can only dream of even seeing gold, let alone obtain it; they barely can feed themselves, have good clothes to drive away the cold and the only "titles" they can ever seem to gain, is being called commoners. This harsh land of Arienden, has split it's people into either being rich as kings, or poor as barren land with nothing, and it only spiraled into more cruelty, sadness and selfishness, for these creatures are indeed fools, believing they can get away with so much and not go unpunished.
This story takes place when the rich people of lands, came to th
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Sea Curiosity
Far out to sea where the surface shimmers and shines like jewels against the glowing sun, the beloved marine life that thrives below held a secret like no other. People know that within the vast sea, their's many hidden wonders, treasures and even secrets to be held, we've only scratched the surface of what's hidden in the depths; we don't have much hopes for wonder anymore, discovery, claim and so on, so to not know the sea life could with-hold secrets beyond our reasoning is only heard of in fairy tales.
Deep below the surface of the glimmering water, you'll find beautiful sites; coral reefs of large sizes from height and width even, housing thousands of different sea life, from also different colors, sizes and functions. The entire sea curves and molds it's self to live, to thrive with anything that happens, and so dose it's life that it holds; every creature within this landscape of water will adapt it's self to live and survive, sometimes it seems that can live threw any
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Black Heart by WriterDragon Black Heart :iconwriterdragon:WriterDragon 27 0 Earth Bound by WriterDragon Earth Bound :iconwriterdragon:WriterDragon 32 4 :GIFT: Little Lamb by WriterDragon :GIFT: Little Lamb :iconwriterdragon:WriterDragon 15 5
Stitch By Mere Stitch
Deep within In the hood's, hidden away from the horror of war and bloodshed; to being locked away for trying to make use of one's true power..Laid a once powerful wizard who took their final breath after giving life to another.
We shall start from the beginning; their lived a power unicorn wizard called Cumulus. Cumulus dabbled and progressed In all types of magic, so he could better the lives for other's, as soon engulfing the entire land was the plague known as war, where all suffered from it's wrath and those who didn't laid high upon their castle towers, sipping wine.
Cumulus however had many problems trying to use magic, for at the time besides royalty, using magic of ANY kind was considered witchcraft and was a crime punishable by death! So many night's endlessly Cumulus was forced to hide, from just about everypony, given any ponies were ready to betray others If It meant even the slightest chance of getting coin.  Never the less Cumulus still worked hard and continued his
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A Magic Tale
Long ago, In a land where the streets were filled with shops and bustling people of all kinds, where creatures only heard of In stories come to life,(demons, vampires, angels, ect. they live among humans) is a place where magic thrives and wizards are hailed as heroes to all. Among these fantastic creatures of fairy tails, and heroes who will become legends, lays a girl who future is bright and full of hope, to be among those who shine brightest in the light; but at the price of being cast into the shadows where people are corrupted and twist their own fates for selfish gain, being made a doll in others eyes and to do only one thing...Obey.
Misora came into being from two very wealthy and known families; one being known for it's vase knowledge of other countries, with it's collection of art, furniture and their charming skills. The other being skilled at businesses, and being one of the best magic uses for miles around, even earning the name of "Wings of Magic", given their skills seem
:iconwriterdragon:WriterDragon 1 0
Golden Sands
Deep in the lands of the boiling suns and the land is covered in gold dust, is the country known as Egypt, and it's hidden city..~
In towers that shine like glowing jewels, where people are treated to the finest things in life to the shadowy gapes of grumbling huts where people must savage to mere flecks of remains of food. This city, which basks from riches to poor, noble to slave, is Egypt's hidden gem of a city, the city of Zasoutunis.
To tell a tale like this, we must start from the beginning, as the city it's self, began it all. The city was built into four smaller town-like sectors, which circle around the middle of the entire city. Each sector was made to honor a animal; a creature that has lived among the sands for centuries- the Beetle, the Hawk, the Scorpion and the Snake. In the middle of these small poor towns, of the whole city, is the grand palace where the Pharaoh lives; very few have even seen a glimpse inside it's high walls of stone and marble.. those who do see the i
:iconwriterdragon:WriterDragon 1 0
What Came From The Island
Though it seems like a long ago time ago, threw the days of wondering or to seek adventure..A creature can never forget..It can't forget.
Many years ago, when the world had entered the age of gaining wondrous animal-like-humans into their age, a group of these creatures had taken upon themselves to run away and try to survive in a wild other then their secluded island. This band of animal-humans had been stolen away from their island home, and ship to a foreign land known as China, most likely to become exotic servants to the highest bidder, even make them into "pets" for amusement, but oh no; these animals will not, and WOULD not let these fur-less "things" make them into toys for their own joy. So they ran. The moment they had a chance, any of them, they ran till they could no more into the thickest and farthest place from those monsters.
This small group, their was a mated pair of red panda's, who were even lucky enough to even be able to see one another after this, let alone be tog
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Hidden Island
Some time ago, on a island far and sheltered away from the livings of the world, lived the island of Gahamora, a land where animal-human like beings are free and live in peace to their wild hearts content.
In the age of creating technology and to advance the ways for humans, scientists had created a highly potent and unstable toxin, in hopes for helping human bodies with stand things as more like some animals, even in instincts. However, this product was consider more unstable then it was, and they decided to abandon the project to continuing making it, but as a idiotic result, they had created to much and did not have a proper was to dispose of it. So, they did the next "best" thing and dumb it all on a, what SEEMED to be a deserted island and closed their chapter on this test and simply moved on, as they had no use for a failed product at all that obviously failed..Or so they think.
This unstable toxin decade and turned into a spreading gas on the entire island, it seemed not to effe
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One Of A Kind by WriterDragon One Of A Kind :iconwriterdragon:WriterDragon 18 8 Blue Howl by WriterDragon Blue Howl :iconwriterdragon:WriterDragon 38 8



Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I love to write; I'm shy, awkward and not too brave either...I'm also very weird.


A New Flame
:flame: remakeHeadline::flame: remake

"I tend to stay away from people for their own safety, it's not my choice to be alone like I am...It's just better for everyone else."

:flame: remakeGeneral Information:flame: remake

Full Name: Elaine Chandelle

Also Known As: "Fire-Cracker," "Candle Top," "Fire-Spitter"
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single
Mate: N/A
Status: Active
Alignment: Hero
Morals: Lawful Neutral
Threat Level: High
Team Formation: Speed
Group Affiliations: None
Date of Birth: April 5
IQ: 90
Birthplace: Unknown
Current Residence: Wandering
Occupation(s): Friendly Local Hero
Personal Quote: "Conceal, don't feel..."
Voice Actor: ---
Theme Song: ---

:flame: remakePersonal Information:flame: remake

Elaine has gained a significant amount of intelligence over the years due to her love of books, which have provided her with an elevated vocabulary, an active imagination, and an open mind. She is very confident and outspoken in her opinions and seldom likes being told what to do. Despite all this, she does not have very many friends. Her smarts and free-thinking attitude make her stand out from her fellow townspeople, who regard her as a little odd. Unlike most people she knows, Elaine is not concerned about her or others' appearances and is able to look past how people appear and see into their hearts. Even though Belle says that she dreams of adventure, she also states that she wishes for a friend who accepts her for who she is. This is because many folks around her for doing her own thing and does not understand her, which makes her feel like she does not fit in. However, despite this, even when people gave her a hard time, she never changed, but came to a better understanding of herself. Elaine is quite witty and is able to use this trait to her advantage and outsmart people, but it comes along with sometimes a bad temper if ever she is provoked but it's to hide her own anxiety and low self-esteem. In front of other's she avoids contact, being cold or even rude as she fears for their safety, of her powers becoming unstable, that they will get hurt or much worse..
Favorite Foods: Foods that you can cook over a nice fire; hot-dogs, hamburgers, steak, especially delicious smores! She's in heaven for these things!
Likes: Books, flowers, cooling breezes, cats, cake, day-time, drawing.
Dislikes: Dogs, horror movies, dirt/mud, bugs, slimy lizards, night-time, nightmares.
Elaine is deadly afraid of heights, the ocean and being buried alive. All kinds of nope to all of that junk.
Aspirations: To see the entire world, with every adventure, secret and journey it has to offer.
Elaine has a gifted hedgehog cousin with the powers of ice and snow named Frostbite; they mostly argue over a lot of things, you could say it's truly the effect of "hot and cold" working, but they care for each other a lot, they just show it in different ways then most folks. Sadly both of her parents are dead, her mother passed away when she was little and her father when she was 15.

:flame: remakeRelationships:flame: remake
Working On

:flame: remakeSummarized Biography:flame: remake
Working On Also

:flame: remakePhysical Information:flame: remake

Species: Hedgehog
Subspecies: N/A
Nationality: Greek and French.
Ethnicity Mobian
Height: 100 cm (3' 3")
Weight: 39 lbs
Eye Color: Red
Fur Color: The majority of 
Elaine body is covered with a light soft tone of yellow fur; exceptions being her muzzle, arms and the inside of her ears being a light shade of rosy pink. Her hair also fades into a sharper tone of orange near the end tips, and the back of her ears along with her eyebrows are a darker tone of yellow.
Clothing Style: 
Elaine wears a bronze colored top that ends off with a diamond cut with a orange accent, along with a white diamond mark on the chest with a ember-like gem on it and a brown neckline; the shirt has a ring connected to the shorts with the same bronze stripe on the sides with the front being orange, with a long cape-like piece that reaches down to her feet in the back from the end of her shirt. Elaine shoes have a bronze stripe down the middle similar to her shorts, each sides being orange with the tips being white and the underneath being a copper tone; they have gems like the one on her chest on each side of the shoe with added brown detail besides the gem and on the heel. Elaine also wears some simple white gloves.
Elaine wears two copper/bronze colored bracelets on each wrist and on her ankles.
Scars/Markings: N/A

Physical Strengths/Weaknesses:
Bullet; GreenElaine has the ability to create and control fire from the palms of her hands; with her ability she can conjure up flames at any place or almost all over her body, she can even ignite and raise large columns of fire from the ground from afar.
Bullet; YellowHer power is pretty dangerous, and sometimes she can't control it or it'll spontaneously com-bust when she's practicing using it, stay away for safety.
Bullet; YellowSometimes her powers will emit quite a bit of smoke, to the point it can be a problem.
Bullet; RedElaine cannot use or create fire of any sort while drenched in water, whether it's just her hands or her entire body, she is no longer able to produce flames.

Mental Strengths/Weaknesses:
Bullet; GreenElaine keeps a tight lid on her emotions, she views her abilities as a curse, and her disciplined nature in front of others are due to her efforts to control them.
Bullet; Yellow
Her fire is usually unwilling based on her emotions; the more anger she become, the bigger the flame is and the more sad, it starts dwindles to nothing sadly.
Bullet; RedDespite her calm appearance she can lose her temper easily and when she does, she's quite scary to be around and along with this her powers go wild, with not much control to them anymore.
Bullet; RedHer temper also makes it more difficult for her to think clearly, leaving her prone to attacks.

Skills and Talents:
Spin Dash: The ability to crouch down and then dash off into a high speed rolling attack.
Fire Proof: The  ability to withstand fire of any proportion and how high the heat.
Fire Bender: The ability to shoot fire from hands and feet for attacks during battle.

Powers and Abilities:
Fire Breath: The ability to breath large and long lengths of fire from the mouth.
Inferno Balls: The use of being able to form fire balls from the palms of one's hands.
Flame Kick: The use of one's legs, and making it burn so hot with fire that it melts many objects when touched.


:flame: remakeOverall Stats::flame: remake
Strength: 5
Defense: 8
Speed: 7
Dexterity: 7
Willpower: 6
Luck: 6
Special: 8

Weapon Skills:
Doesn't Use Weapons

Fighter's Rank: B

:flame: remakeTrivia:flame: remake
Elaine powers and ability's are more like a fire bender, not like Blaze The Cat's.
Elaine can be pretty awkward around new people, some would even say she's a oddball.
Her first name is pronounced ee-LAYNE. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Elaine is "sun ray". While her last name is pronounced shan-DELL. It is of French origin, and the meaning of Chandelle is "candle"
Elaine has a odd pet; it's fluffy with a mix of colors like orange, white, brown/black and purple, with the effect it looks a little like a fish! It's her little flame, and it's her only company while traveling.

When Elaine is by herself, she engaged in various activities such as art and music, creating her own little world filled with color and personality, and proving herself to be talented and expressive when left to her own devices.
Elaine has a habit of being a little towards new people, then awkward after getting to know them as she isn't use to company...Like, any company.
Elaine isn't use to people, so she dosen't get people being sarcastic or mocking, much less even jokes or someone flirting with her. The poor thing just dosen't understand.
Adopted from and art by (c) 
Now belongs to (c) Me
Character Bio Template (c) :iconblood-of-severity:
WARNING: Do NOT use this picture in any forum, chat, RP, myspace, blog, website or neopets. Do not use this as your avatar or as your character. The base does belong to its creators. do not edit it, do not tell anybody that it is your
Now, before I say anything about this episode and such, let me say this; I don't watch sonic boom. I don't, and what I have seen are just a few good ones, like the one with Percy which I thought was cute, and a couple of others which were fine....other then that, not many, mostly because everything annoys me, especially the bloody character's but eh, that's my taste.

But then......out of no where, my sister tells me that ANOTHER sonic character is appearing in the show, and after what happen to Shadow, I was like "who are they ruining now!?" And........they chose someone who was not only one of my fav's but has been for years...THEYCHOSEVECTOR!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!
Over the years, Vector along with the Chaotix have been the luckiest out of the sonic cast when it comes to change (in my opinion) and NOW they do this!? Their going to ruin Vector....He's a good boy, he dosen't deserve to be ruined in boom like poor shadow...

*watches the episode*

O.M.G. They. Spared. HIM! VECTOR DIDN'T CHANGE! YESSSSS! I was so surprised, they even made Vector more cool! He's acted like a awesome detective, he even had a cool tattoo! I thought they'd make him a idiot like Shadow, but he wasn't..he was cooler then Sonic! Only issue was they took away his headphones..Not a super big deal, but I guess it could've been worse, he did get a cool shirt/jacket thing. So, I'm very happy with how Vector came out!

Also, all of this is MY opinion, nothing else really. ^^;
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  • Drinking: Water



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